Voisip Telecoms ISP – Code of Conduct


Voisip Telecoms is committed to providing reliable, high-quality internet service and exceptional customer support. This code of conduct outlines our core principles and practices to ensure a positive experience for both our customers and employees.

Customer Focus

  • Transparency: We will be transparent in our communication, clearly outlining our service plans, pricing, terms of service, and any potential limitations.
  • Fairness: We will treat all customers with respect and fairness, offering competitive prices and equal access to our services.
  • Responsiveness: We will strive to respond to customer inquiries and concerns promptly and professionally through multiple channels.
  • Data Privacy: We will protect the privacy of our customers’ data in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Service Quality

  • Reliability: We will make every effort to maintain a reliable and secure network infrastructure for uninterrupted service.
  • Innovation: We will continuously invest in network upgrades and technological advancements to provide the best possible internet experience.
  • Security: We will implement robust security measures to protect our customers’ data and infrastructure from cyber threats.
  • Accessibility: We will strive to offer a variety of internet service plans to cater to diverse customer needs and budgets.

Business Practices

  • Honesty and Integrity: We will conduct our business honestly and ethically, adhering to all relevant laws and regulations.
  • Fair Competition: We will compete fairly within the telecommunications market, avoiding deceptive marketing practices or unfair pricing strategies.
  • Environmental Responsibility: We will strive to minimize our environmental impact through energy-efficient practices and sustainable solutions.
  • Employee Well-being: We will foster a positive and respectful work environment for our employees, promoting diversity and inclusion.

Dispute Resolution

We are committed to resolving any customer concerns or disputes fairly and efficiently. We will provide clear procedures for customers to file complaints and ensure a timely and thorough investigation.


This code of conduct will be reviewed and updated periodically. We will hold all our employees accountable for adhering to these principles and take appropriate action in cases of non-compliance.


Voisip Telecoms is dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of our customers. By adhering to this code of conduct, we aim to set ourselves apart as a reliable, customer-centric, and responsible internet service provider.

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